Past Conferences

Past Conferences

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Deep Learning For Developers

Jan Haak

Global Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services

Configuring Timeouts In Microservices

Ryan Armstrong

Production Engineering Manager at Seven West Media

Practical solutions for moving from monolith to micro-services

Matt James

Chumba Casino Software Team Lead

Rhys Campbell

Cloud oriented strategy and innovation

Serverless Development At Speed

Tim Myerscough

Tech Lead at Mechanical Rock

Solving The "Best Friend - Worst Enemy" Poker Problem Using Graph Database

Rimma Shafikova

Data Scientist at VGW

Quick & Easy DevOps in a Right-Click -> Publish World

Robert Moore

Principal Consultant at Readify

Throughput vs Latency

Lee Campbell

Senior Software Developer at Cash Converters

A Young Lady's Illustrated Primer to Technical Decision-Making

Charity Majors

Engineer/Cofounder at