Past Conferences

Past Conferences

Latency 2018 Talks

Bored of Directors: Cloud Governance Made Interesting

Corey Quinn

Cloud Economist at The Quinn Advisory Group

Testing in Production for the Bold and True

Rob Crowley

Principal Consultant at Readify


Alex Louden

Software Engineer at Bonobo

Cloud Native Authentication in 10 minutes!

Zainab Maleki

Consultant at Mechanical Rock

Ants, Wolves, Bears

Lee Campbell

Lead Engineer at VGW

A Shipbuilder’s Digital Journey: Building the Internet of Things at Sea

Max van Someren

Technology Development Manager at Austal

Craig Knell

IT Architect at Austal

Breaking up with TeamCity and Terraform: A Cloud to Cloud Native story

Luke Evans

Solution Architect at Woodside

Next Gen Services with Istio

Glenn Morton

Technical Director at & QuizJam

Where did my lookup table go? Dealing with relational data after RDBMS

Rick Houlihan

Executive Leader & NoSQL Maven at AWS