Past Conferences

Past Conferences

Latency 2023 Talks


Peter Sbarski

Co-founder at heart hands, AWS Serverless Hero, Author of Serverless Architectures on AWS, ex-VP Education & Research at A Cloud Guru

Building with Generative AI: A 'BedtimeStory'

Brian Foody

Building products 🔨

Breaking Up the Front-End Monolith: An Introduction to Micro-Frontends

Even Zhang

Lead Solutions Architect, Asia-Pacific & Japan at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

From monolith to mesh: Canva's journey towards a decentralised warehouse platform

Jonathan Neo

Data Platform Engineer at Canva | Founder of Data Engineer Camp

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Aiden Ziegelaar

Lead Consultant / Senior Manager @ Cognizant Servian

Demistifying MLOps

Nadia Reyhani

Senior Consultant | AWS Community Builder - ML Category

Derek Bingham

Senior Developer Advocate @ Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Unlocking your APIs with GraphQL

Dylan Johnston

Senior Staff Engineer at Qoria

The DevOps of Video Games

Ben Curran

Building awesome stuff in cloud // Cloud Native // DevOps Accelerator


Brooke Jamieson

Senior Developer Advocate @ AWS, ex AWS ML Hero- Industry Mentor & Speaker across Data, Design and Strategy