Past Conferences

Past Conferences

Latency 2019 Talks

The Last Commit is Only a Beginning

Nelli Lovchikova

Developer at LiveHire

Serverless P2P Energy Trading

Meagan Cojocar

Product & Development Manager at Power Ledger

Essential Cloud Security Patterns

Byron Pogson

Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services


William Foster

Development Manager at ClickSend / Message Media

Cloudy with a Chance of Amazing

Brett Looney

Global Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services

Serverless with Observerless

Pete Yandell

Principal Consultant at Mechanical Rock

IoT as an Integration Challenge

Martin Abbott

Technology Strategist at Insight

Navigating the Most Challenging Blocker - Your People

Estie Boteler

Principal Consultant at Telstra Purple

Locknote: The Vault Story

Mitchell Hashimoto

Founder of HashiCorp, Creator of Vagrant, Packer, Serf, Consul, Terraform, Vault, and Nomad.